“Would You Like to Take a Better Picture?”


Source of Photograph: http://lifewithgreyson.blogspot.com/2013/06/people-are-good.html

Sometimes, small good deeds are the best good deeds. Chrissy Kelly’s son Greyson, age four, has autism. Like many children with autism, he is fascinated with vehicles, and a highlight of his week is Wednesday when the Fresno, California, garbage truck driven by Frank Diaz, age 53, comes to his street. Greyson’s favorite word is “truck,” and the first sentence he spoke is “I want truck.” When he sees the garbage truck, he is delighted: He flaps his arms, squeals with pleasure, and stamps his feet. On 26 June 2013, Ms. Kelly, who is a professional photographer, wanted to get a photo of her son and the garbage truck. Mr. Diaz noticed them, stopped the garbage truck, and asked, “Would you like to take a better picture?” He then lifted Greyson into the cab of the truck, and Ms. Kelly took a photograph. Mr. Diaz noticed Ms. Kelly’s response to his good deed: “She was just crying, but I thought it must be because she had so much joy.” Ms. Kelly wrote an open letter to Frank — she knew only his first name — on her blog, which chronicles life with Greyson. Her letter began, “You have no idea the impact you have on a Wednesday. What you don’t know is that your presence has been a calming and reassuring force in our week for years now. No matter how good or how bad our week was, there you were every Wednesday reminding me that we could go on. The weeks I couldn’t count on anything, I could count on you, Frank, to light up my boy’s face.” Her letter ended, “Sometimes I worry, How will the world treat my boys? And today was a beautiful reminder that people are good — all because of you, Frank. I saw the way your face lit up with joy that my son put there and I was so proud and so honored and so humbled to be a part of such a magical moment. Sometimes I hear phrases like People are so stupid, or crazy or mean. To them I say — No they aren’t. You haven’t met Frank. — Love, Chrissy.”

For Further Information: Barbara Anderson “Greyson and the garbage man: A man’s kindness bridges child’s autism.” The Fresno Bee (California). 20 July 2013


For Further Information: Chrissy Kelly, “People are Good.” Life with Grayson + Parker. 26 June 2013


For Further Information: Chrissy Kelly, “Chrissy Kelly Photography.” Accessed 15 August 2013.


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