“Just had to Share Something that Gave Me a Little Hope for Humanity…”


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In August 2013, Redditor Les_yeux_hagards (French for “haggard eyes”), a female college student, shared something that gives her, in her words, “a little hope for humanity”: “So I am a resident advisor [RA] and this week is our training for new hires. Today we had different simulations for different difficult situations that RAs might have to deal with on the job. One of the situations was a very heated and almost violent discussion between a couple outside their dorm. There is one RA that is supposed to get involved in the scene, while all the other people observe how they handle it. So during the last run of the day, maybe seven people are standing around and the scene starts. The couple start acting and at one point the male actor goes to grab for the female actor and she screams, ‘Don’t touch me!’ Well, a worker who was on campus pressure washing saw the situation and yells, ‘HEY! DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HER AGAIN!’ Everyone just stops and is so surprised that this person just intervened. The girl yells back, ‘It’s okay! I’m fine, we’re just acting.’ Afterwards we all go up to thank him for getting involved, and he just simply says, ‘I just didn’t want him to touch you again, and I saw seven people standing around and I was confused as to why no one was doing anything.’ I don’t know if this will have as much of an impact on you guys as it had on me, but it seemed like a real life ‘What would you do’ situation and someone ACTUALLY intervened which almost never happens, especially if there are other people standing around watching the incident take place. Luckily this was just a simulation, but it filled me with a little bit of hope to know that a complete stranger would want to intervene in that kind of a conflict. :)”

Source: Les_yeux_hagards, “Just had to share something that gave me a little hope for humanity….” Redditt. 16 August 2013


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