“The Americans are sleeping — post pics of your medical bills!”


Source of Screenshot: Lancey, “The Americans are sleeping — post pics of your medical bills!” Imgur. 20 August 2013



In some countries (not the United States, except for well-paid politicians), people pay taxes and get free (meaning paid for with taxes, which is fine by me) health care. I want Americans, and especially the person who received the bill below, to also get that kind of health care:

American Bill

Source of Screenshot: samtart, “Last Saturday I had a stomach pain that wouldn’t go away for 6 hours, so I went to the Emergency room. I checked in at Midnight and left at 6am. They gave me morphine, acid reducing medicine, and ran some tests. I just got the bill… 8-(.” Imgur. 21 August 2013


By the way, Redditor Smeeee made this comment:

“ER doctor here. 2 reasons I hate seeing posts like this:

“1) The comments section is full of people telling stories about how the ER effed up, or how doctors suck, or how doctors are only in it for the money and just order stuff to get paid.

“2) The dollar amounts make me sad. It’s really ridiculous.


“OP, it would definitely be worth it to talk to administration at the hospital and see if they can help you reduce the bill. Explain the situation, that you don’t have insurance, and that you were wondering if there is any way that the bill can be reduced. As has been mentioned in this thread, the bills are so high because the hospital anticipates insurance companies only paying a percentage of what they charge.

“Also, I’m not sure it would have changed anything, but next time you go to an ER mention that you don’t have insurance. That’ll serve two purposes: 1) they might get you in touch with people that can assist you with insurance. 2) Your doctor may reduce the amount of testing, and practice medicine in its purest (and cheapest) form — clinically, i.e., serial examinations, discharging with detailed return instructions, etc. The very real fear of lawsuits is what has made many physicians stray from this path.

“Most, if not all, practicing clinicians realize how much healthcare costs in the US (I’m assuming you’re in the US) suck, and we hate that it’s effing patients over. Good luck, OP.”

For Further Information: samtart, “Last Saturday I had a stomach pain that wouldn’t go away for 6 hours, so I went to the Emergency room. I checked in at Midnight and left at 6am. They gave me morphine, acid reducing medicine, and ran some tests. I just got the bill… 8-(.” Reddit Comments. 21 August 2013


By the way, check this out:

popcorny27, “Redditors who live in a country with universal healthcare, what is it really like?”  Reddit. 21 August 2013


Here are three responses:

1) dmanww commented, “In nz [New Zealand], if I get hurt or sick I can show up to the ER and not worry about commas in my bill.

“Prescriptions are about $5

“If you get hurt in an accident the national insurance will cover some of your pay, medical bills and rehab (ACC)

“I still buy private insurance because I don’t want to have to wait, but it’s for major stuff like MRIs etc”

2) Aatch commented, “NZ here too. Had an elective surgery to prevent recurrent pneumothoraces (when health care is cheap/free you get to do stuff like have preventative care!). The surgery itself was only like 15mins, but inpatient recovery was about 6 days, then I got pulmonary embolisms and spent another 3 days in hospital.

“This entire experience cost me almost nothing. I lost some holiday time at work and had to pay the $3 fee for each prescription of Warfarin I took over the following 6 months.

“My GP costs to go to and they charge for faxing my prescriptions to the pharmacy (saves me having to pick it up from the clinic). The standard charge for a 15 min appointment is $15.

“While Wellington (where I live) has a free ambulance service, other places aren’t so lucky. However, ambulance trips are usually rare, so this is mostly just a minor inconvenience.

“In all, I am glad I live in a country where I don’t have worry about getting sick or injured. It doesn’t matter if I’m poor, rich or anything else, I can get good medical help when I really need it.”

3)  fortheloveof bob commented, “I’m self-employed in the US. I pay about 11k per year for insurance and there has never been any major health issues in my family of five. When my most recent daughter was born, prenatal wasn’t covered at all, I paid about 3k out of pocket for that. For her completely natural and uncomplicated birth, the hospital billed about 16k, the insurance company got that reduced to 9k, of which they paid 5k, and I paid 4k. Plus I paid about another 1k in misc. bills that trickled in from the hospital. I think a c-section would have bankrupted me.”

Many more answers at


By the way, here is another big bill:


Source of Screenshot: WashMyLogo, “I’m an American, I’m awake so here’s my medical bill. The occupational therapy is particularly amusing. She handed me a toothbrush.” Imgur. 20 August 2013


Satirist Michael Moore suggests that if rich Republicans need something that they will get it, so he hopes that they will need the same things we need. Therefore, he hopes that bad things will befall rich Republicans. For example, many liberals want health care for everyone. One way for  health care to become available for everyone is if lots of the families of rich Republicans need health care and it is not available because of lack of funding. If the families of rich Republicans need it, it will soon be funded. And if rich Republicans were to suddenly become poor, we would find funding for Social Security, food stamps, Head Start, and Medicare, as well as funding for health care. (When the 2013 sequester impacted our politicians negatively by causing long waits in airports, funding was restored that shortened the long waits.)

Obamacare will help a lot, by the way.


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