“Help, Help! He Has A Gun! He Has A Gun!”


Source of Screenshot: http://tinyurl.com/ms57som

On 16 August 2013 in Overland Park in Kansas City, Missouri, a Good Samaritan who wants to be known only as Jeff came to the aid of a woman who was being threatened by a man with a gun. Jeff was driving somewhere to eat lunch when he saw a woman waving at him; a man was standing near her. Jess said, “I rolled down my window and I asked her if everything was OK, and what was going on. She just immediately started saying, ‘No, help, help! He has a gun! He has a gun!’” The woman went behind Jeff’s car, and the man came toward Jeff, who remembered, “He angled toward me and he had black athletic shorts on, and he pulled out what looked to be a gun. It was a butt of a gun. He said something to me and I have no idea what it was, because I had 8 million things going on in my head, wondering, ‘Is he going to pull it out? Is he going to shoot?’ I mean, you have no idea.” Jeff thought about running the gunman over with his car, but the gunman finally began to walk away. Jeff let the woman in his car, and they called 911. The woman told Jeff that she had been out for a run when a Hispanic man with a drawn gun ordered her to go with him to a wooded area; instead, she ran toward traffic and other people. Jeff does not see himself as a hero, but he said, “If you see something wrong going on, you definitely do the right thing.” 

For Further Information: “Good Samaritan describes helping save woman from gunman: Driver helps distressed runner at Overland Park intersection.” KMBC (Kansas City, Missouri). 20 August 2013


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