“He Just Looked at Him like He was Amazed that Mr. Garcia was Actually Giving Him Money”


Source of Screenshot (Mr. Garcia on left; Mr. De La Garza on right):


On 21 August 2013, a man approached 93-year-old World War II veteran Pedro De La Garza, who was sitting in a car in the parking lot of a HEB [H.E. Butts Grocery Company] in Corpus Christi, Texas. Mr. Garza had his wallet in his shirt pocket, and the man reached into the car, took the wallet, extracted $20 from it, and threw it back in the car. The story made the news, and Fabian Garcia saw it and thought about his father. He said, “People have no heart at all. [Not even] for someone his age; someone that went to war so that we can be free.” Mr. Garcia gave Mr. De La Garza $20 and an American flag. Mr. Garza said, “My dad was a medic during World War II, and he was in the same area as Mr. De La Garza. He’s been gone since Dec. 24, 1995, and to this day, I still miss him.” Grace Lerma, Mr. De La Garza’s daughter, said that her father was surprised that Mr. Garza replaced the stolen money. She said, “He just looked at him like he was amazed that Mr. Garcia was actually giving him money. And I told him [Mr. Garcia], ‘You don’t have to do that,’ and he says, ‘I want to.’” The flag is now hanging outside Mr. De La Garza’s home.

For Further Information: “Stranger Shows Kindness to WWII Veteran Robbery Victim.” KIII (Corpus Christi, Texas). 23 August 2013


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