“Rock On, Jean Renny!”


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Jean Renny, a Seattle, Washington, resident who is in her 90s, has donated money to The Salvation Army each year since 2004 to pay for a shopping trip to buy school supplies and school clothes, including shoes, for children. In 2013, she donated $20,000 for a shopping trip on August 20 for children at JCPenney. Lora Marini Baker, a spokesperson for The Salvation Army, said, “There was a child today whose feet were hurting him because his shoes were three sizes too small … that’s the way he showed up [to the shopping event] and we see that over and over again.” Ms. Baker added, “This shopping event would not happen if it was not for her generosity. A hundred kids having the opportunity to shop with $200 and that is significant. They spend it quickly because they need a lot. They need clothing, they need shoes, they need the basics like underwear and socks, and they need backpacks.” Ms. Renny has not in recent years been able to attend the shopping event, but The Salvation Army records it on video and gives her a copy. Ms. Baker said about Ms. Renny, “Her personal story is simple. She grew up as an only child in a middle-class home. She was married, but they did not have children of their own. She wants to share her fortune with kids of The Salvation Army. She is very interested in helping children.” The Salvation Army set up a Facebook page to thank Ms. Renny. On it, Lynn Seda commented, “Rock on, Jean Renny!”

For Further Information: Alex Murashko, “Seattle-Area Woman Donates $20,000 to Back-to-School Shopping Spree for Nearly 100 Students.” Christian Post (Washington D.C.). 21 August 2013 <http://www.christianpost.com/news/seattle-area-woman-donates-20000-to-back-to-school-shopping-spree-for-nearly-100-students-102664/>.

For Further Information: Wow! Thanks to Jean Renny of Seattle, …” The Salvation Army USA. Facebook. Accessed 24 August 2013.


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