“The Disney Princesses text with their Princes”


Source of Screenshot: Miss Macey Mouse, “The Disney Princesses text with their Princes.” Accessed 24 August 2013.


For more texts, see


Macey writes, “My name is Macey. I completed DCP, did a professional internship with Disney, and now work as a DCP campus rep. Feel free to ask me anything about the parks, events, internships, and company. This tumblr is all about that happy feeling of seeing Mickey Mouse, walking down Main Street, watching the fireworks, and hearing Walt’s voice. It is the magic of Disney. I add personal submissions to this site, along with anything I find lovely. If you need credit for something that wasn’t given, I will always happily give it! […]

“All opinions and commentary on this blog are solely mine and do not represent the views or opinions of The Walt Disney Company.”

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