I Stole This Bike — Don’t Worry, I Stole It from the Thief Who Stole It from Me


Source of Screenshot: http://imgur.com/gallery/3NsBiSL


Source of Screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/FDIYy

A young woman used an ingenious method to get her stolen bicycle back after finding it for sale on Craigslist. She arranged to meet the seller, and she was able to verify that yes, this was her bike — a handle had been broken, and she had replaced a silver piece with a black piece. She asked if she could take the bike for a test ride, and the seller — a man — said fine, but don’t ride away. She rode away. She says, “He wanted 300$ and he put lights on it. Lol [Laughing Out Loud]. Thanks for making my bike better, thief.” The man really did know that the bike was stolen. As she rode away, she started to talk on a cell phone and the man ran away. By the way, Kravenhowl0 commented, “Report him to Craigslist. Let them know he’s selling stolen property.” Also by the way, robmausser commented, “Did a similar thing when I was living in downtown Toronto. Bike was stolen, and about a month later [I] find it chained up to a bike post [while I was] walking back from the gym, literally a block away from where I lived. I knew it was my bike because I had a piece of an old speedometer stuck to one of the wheels, very unlikely someone would have the exact same leftover mod. Plus, it was my bike; when you ride your bike every day, you know your bike when you see it. Called police but there was nothing they could do, as I didn’t know the serial number of my bike. It was locked with one of those big U-Locks and nothing short of a steel cutter would get it off. So, rather than give up, I came up with another plan: If I couldn’t have my bike, neither could my thief. I went to the closest hardware store, purchased a U-Lock, and locked my lock on top of his lock. Thus, my bike was locked with both my lock, and his. A couple weeks went by and, I guess out of final frustration, he took off his bike lock. I took mine off, and rode it home. Most passive aggressive bike stealing-backing ever.”

The woman who ‘stole’ her own bicycle back is Kayla Smith, age 33, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She felt bad after her $1,000 bike was stolen. She said, “I was like, ‘I’m a good person, like, why would someone do this to me?’” Then she found out that the thief was offering her bike for sale for $300 on Craigslist. She said, “Asked for karma to run him over with a flatbed truck. I was so angry.” She did contact police, but because she was worried that they would take too long to act, she took action herself. On Reddit, she wrote, “THIS GUY IS SELLING MY BIKE RIGHT NOW!!! I am not missing this opportunity waiting for a call. So I jump into action.” And she got her bike back. After meeting the seller at a McDonald’s, she hopped on her bike for a test drive and kept pedaling and never returned. She said, “I was feeling like an NFL player, like, just scored a touchdown! I was like, Yeah!” Vancouver police warn that doing what Kayla did can be dangerous: “Setting up a meeting with the person on your own can potentially be very dangerous. You do not know who you are meeting, how many people will be there and how desperate that person may be.” By the way, the bike really was hers — she checked the bike’s serial number. Kayla said, “Sometimes you just need to stick up for what’s right and for what’s yours.”


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For Further Information: iamkokonutz, “A friend found her stolen bike on craigslist and arranged to meet the guy. Asked to take it for a ‘test ride’ and just never stopped pedalling. (Story inside).” Imgur. 14 August 2013

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or Further Information: BradleyFriesen. Album. Imgur. 14 August 2013


For Further Information: BradleyFriesen. Album. Reddit. 14 August 2013


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