“I was Thrilled that These Guys were Honest!”



Source of Photographs (Top: Thomas James, An Honest Man; Bottom: Marci Lederman):

On 25 August 2013, some young men in Wayne, New Jersey, thought that a Buddy’s Small Lots store was open and entered it. Actually, the store was closed, but the lock had malfunctioned. Because the lights were on and because other stores next-door were open, the store looked open. The young men — three black and one white — picked out a few items and then looked for a store clerk to ring up their purchases. They did not find a store clerk, of course, but they tallied the prices of the items they wanted to purchase and left money on the counter to pay for them — even including tax. Jelani Bruce, one of the young men, said, “We had to get to practice, because we were running a little late. So we decided to put the money on the counter instead of stealing it, because that’s just not right.” All of this was captured on the store’s security camera, which managers looked at after receiving from the police a report of a suspected break-in. On August 26, Marci Lederman wrote in a comment on one online article, “This was my store and I was thrilled that these guys were honest! They came in today and we will be giving them a little something to say ‘Thank You’ from Buddy’s Small Lots.” The four honest young men are Anthony Biondi, Jelani Bruce, Kell’e Gallimore, and Thomas James, all of whom are first-year students and football players at William Patterson University. Each of the “burglars” received a $50 gift card in appreciation of their honesty. Head football coach Jerry Flora said, “They represented themselves, their families and the team very well.” In an article about this good-news story, Bob Cull of Americans Against the Tea Party wrote, “In a time when it seems like the only news we hear about young men of this age is bad news, it’s thoroughly refreshing to see this kind of honesty from these four wonderful guys!   Faith in humanity restored.”

For Further Information: “Honest shoppers praised after Buddy’s Small Lots in Wayne security malfunction.” News12 (New Jersey). 26 August 2013


For Further Information: Bob Cull, “Most Honest Young ‘Burglars’ EVER Pay For Goods in Unlocked Store…INCLUDING TAX!” Americans Against the Tea Party. 28 August 2013


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