“Aunt Chas, You Know How Somebody Bites an Apple? That’s What that Dog was Doing to Me”


Source of Photograph (Mackenzie and Her Brother):



Source of Photograph (Good Samaritan Justin Eggleston):


On 26 August 2013 in Sheffield, Alabama, a dog attacked a four-year-old boy who was with his eight-year-old sister and his grandmother. His sister, Mackenzie Lebron, rescued him, but the dog then attacked her. She said, “I saved him. I put him on top of a car away from the dog.” She added, “I tried to run from the dog and get on top of the car. My mawmaw was trying to push me on top of the car, but it dragged me back down by my foot and started biting me on my leg. It didn’t hurt at first, but then it wouldn’t let me go.” The dog bit her leg, side, and stomach, and a Good Samaritan named Justin Eggleston helped separate the dog and Mackenzie, who was taken to Helen Keller Hospital, treated, and released. Her aunt Chastity Bradford said, “She says, ‘Aunt Chas, you know how somebody bites an apple? That’s what that dog was doing to me.’” Ms. Bradford added, “It was terrible. I don’t want to ever see anything like that again in my life. Meat was just hanging off of her leg. It ripped her leg. It ripped her side.” Stephanie Tolbert, Mackenzie’s mother, said, “She was crying and hollering at the hospital that she was gonna die.” The dog was put to sleep and is being tested for rabies. Ms. Bradford said, “I’m very proud of her.”

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Source: Marie Waxel, “Girl, 8, saves little brother from dog attack; is bitten.” WAFF (Huntsville, Alabama). 27 August 2013; updated 28 August 2013


Also: Bernie Delinski, “Dog attacks 8-year-old who helped save brother.” Times Daily (Florence, Alabama). 27 August 2013


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