Check out the Cosplay of Calssara (Bell of Germany)


Source of Photograph: *Calssara, “Fate/Stay Night — Saber (Gift version) II.” Deviantart. Accessed 1 Sptember 2013

Calssara writes:

This lovely shot is taking during my latest convention in Belgium ^.^. I visited FACTS as a cosplay judge. It is really a wonderful convention and the people were so open and friendly !!!

Btw, this is my costume for the European Cosplay Gathering finals in 2012. I’m really happy and glad that I could bring the victory this year for Germany.

What is the ECG? -> The ECG is a big European cosplay competition, including 10 countries (11 in 2013). You can participate in 2 categories: solo and group (2-3 ppl). It takes place at the largest convention in Europe: Japan Expo in Paris. Japan Expo also has the biggest and most elaborate cosplay stage of Europe.

How is it rated? -> It’s 50% costume and 50% performance that will be rated for the ECG. That means, the “cos” is as important as the “play” for the ECG. The organizers of ECG think, that it is not only important to have a big costume. It’s also important to present yourself and entertain the audience with your costume and skit!

You can read more about the competition on their website ^-^

 If you have questions about the armors, please see my journal! I describe there everything armor related –>

Character: Arturia Pendragon / Saber (~gift figurine version~)

Series: Fate/Stay Night

Photo by N8e Cosplay Photography ~kn8e…


Check out the Cosplay of Calssara (Bell of Germany)


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