William Sleator’s “Oddballs”: A Discussion Guide (Free Download)

Free pdf download: 




This guide contains many questions about William Sleator’s “Oddballs “and their answers. Of course, I hope that teachers will find it useful as a guide for discussions. It can also be used for short writing assignments. Students can answer selected questions from this guide orally or in one or more paragraphs.

A major reason to use “Oddballs” in schools is as a model for autobiographical writing. Writing autobiographical essays can be a fun composition assignment, and for some students it can be an art.

Be aware that although “Oddballs” was written for children in middle school and junior high school and for young adults in high school, it can also be used in college courses. The essays are entertaining and well written, and they are excellent models for the autobiographical essays you can ask your students to write.

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