“It was Just Like Out of a Movie. Everybody was Up and Out and Scrambling Around and Jumping on $20s and $10s”


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On 30 August 2013, money began raining from the sky near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Alex Pay, a newlywed who works for the Navy, saw $10 and $20 bills coming down: “It was everywhere.” He added, “Literally, I had no idea what was going on.” He and others stopped their cars and started grabbing money. Mr. Pay said, “It was just like out of a movie. Everybody was up and out and scrambling around and jumping on $20s and $10s.” He gathered $420 and called radio station Q104 to tell them what had happened. Later, at work, he got a voice mail from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police letting him know that the money belonged to Canadian Linen & Uniform Service. An employee had been on a motorbike; he was carrying money and cheques. Unfortunately, his pocket was unzipped and he lost everything. Mr. Pay immediately called the company. He said, “I assume [the motorbike] was on the overpass and I was going under it. He added, “I wouldn’t want to benefit off somebody else’s big loss. Four hundred and twenty dollars is quite a bit of money. I wouldn’t want that to come out of his own pocket.” Another man picked up approximately $300 — he turned it over to the police. RCMP provincial spokesman Sergeant Alain LeBlanc said, “In my many years of service, I’ve never really heard about money being lost on the side of the highway like this.” According to Tracey MacKenzie, general manager of Canadian Linen & Uniform Service in Dartmouth, the company recovered the majority of the money: “The employee was basically coming to work to bring in his paperwork. … He had his pocket unzipped and everything that was in his pockets disappeared. A couple of people could have walked away with some easy Christmas money and we are certainly pleased that they did the right thing. We will make sure they appreciate our appreciation.”

For Further Information: Clare Mellor, “The day it rained money in Dartmouth.” Chronicle Herald (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada). 31 August 2013


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