The Woman with the Angel-Wings Tattoo



 Source of Photographs:

Seven-month-old Joshua Bauer of Riverside, California, needed a liver transplant to save his life; on 27 August 2013, he got one from a young woman who has angel wings tattooed on her back. In April 2013, Joshua was diagnosed with biliary atresia: the bile ducts that carry waste out of his body were blocked. His body was yellow with the wastes that stayed in his body. Trinity Hollingsworth, age 24, of Moreno Valley, was a friend of Joshua’s mother: Michelle Bauer. Ms. Hollingsworth had Joshua’s blood type (O negative), and her body was small boned enough that she was a suitable liver donor for Joshua. Ms. Hollingsworth said, “I have an 8-month-old who’s healthy, and I look at the 7-month-old who is dying right in front of his mom’s eyes. I want Michelle to have the same blessing I have with my daughter every day. I want her to be able to experience the mommy life.” Michelle Bauer said, “It’s like a miracle. She’s saving his life. Without the transplant, he probably wouldn’t make it to a year.” Ms. Hollingsworth donated part of her liver, but it is expected to regenerate itself by Halloween. Dr. Yuri Genyk, director of abdominal organ transplants at Keck Hospital of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, said about Joshua, “He has an excellent chance of growing up normally.” Ms. Hollingsworth said, “I would hope somebody would do the same if my daughter was sick.”

For Further Information: Janet Zimmerman, “HEALTH: Friendship grows with organ transplant to save ailing infant.” The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, California). 30 August 2013

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