“He was Bleeding Profusely and Mumbling that No One was Helping Him”


On 1 September 2013, a 28-year-old man named Eknath Korlekar fell off a train near the Mumbra and Kalwa tracks in India. A 35-year-old female Good Samaritan named Maimuna Pathan, who earns her living doing odd jobs, helped him. Ms. Pathan said, “I had just returned from work and was drinking tea, when a few neighbours started talking about someone falling off the train. I threw the tea [away] and also rushed towards the spot to find a man trying to walk towards us. He was bleeding profusely and mumbling that no one was helping him.” She put some cloth on his injuries to help stop the bleeding. She said, “While I was trying to help him, a few of my neighbours told me to stay away from the matter as I could get in trouble with the railway police. But I told them to go away, as I was not going to sit and watch the man die.” She then took Mr. Korlekar to the railway police at Mumbra station, and Mr. Korlekar next went to Thane civil hospital. Ms. Pathan stayed with him until some of his relatives arrived. She said, “I did not want to leave him. I thought I should ensure that he was taken care of properly, so I went to the hospital as well. His relatives, who came in later, offered me money, but I refused and told them I will come to meet him later.” Santosh Korlekar, Eknath’s elder brother, stated, “All he said was that he was standing at the door to get off at Thane station when he fell off. We did not ask him anything else as he is in pain and trauma. GRP [Government Railway Police] officials have taken his statement.” Dr. UD Marulkar, medical superintendent, Thane Civil Hospital, said, “The patient’s shoulder bone is fractured, and he has multiple injuries on the scalp. He is conscious and his vital statistics are stable. We have done a CT scan of [his] brain and are waiting for the reports.”

For Further Information: Virat Singh, “Man falls off train, saved by good Samaritan.” Mumbai Mirror (India). 2 September 2013


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