Moms are Great at Fighting Sexual Harassment

Fighting sexual harassment is a good deed, and many moms are good at it. In September 2013, someone posted on AskReddit this question: “What is the best revenge you’ve ever gotten?” ParadoxInABox responded with a story about how a woman got revenge on a sexual harasser who grabbed her butt in a bar without even saying hello first. She told him that his action was not cool, and he replied, “Oh, come on, you should take it as a compliment.” She decided to get revenge, and she knew how to get it. ParadoxInABox writes, “She immediately put on her most vapid, flirty expression, asked him to buy her a drink, teased him, etc. After about 15 minutes of playing him like a fiddle, she asks if she can borrow his phone to call another friend. Instead, she goes outside, looks through his contacts, and calls his mom. She then proceeds to ask this woman if she had raised her son to assault women and touch them without their permission. The mom went really quiet, and then asked my friend to hand the phone to her son. Apparently, his face as the mother started screaming at him was all the revenge my buddy needed.”

For Further Information: ParadoxInABox, Response to “What is the best revenge you’ve ever gotten?” Reddit. 4 September 2013

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