“There’s Flames Under the Car! It’s Going to Blow! Get Him Back, Get Him Back!”


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On 1 September 2013, male police officer Ashley McLamb had an accident with a patrol car on Wilson’s Mills Road in Wilson Mills, North Carolina. The patrol car ended up in a drainage ditch and caught on fire, but officer McLamb was rescued by three Good Samaritans. Kathy Hoffman recorded the rescue on her cellphone. On the recording, she yells at the rescuers, “There’s flames under the car! It’s going to blow! Get him back, get him back!” The rescuers — Terry Joyner, his son, and a third man — tried to kick in a window, then succeeded in yanking a door open. Terry Joyner said, “We just started snatching the door open till we got through … and we pulled the door all the way open, and that’s when we drug him out.” Officer McLamb was dazed. Ms. Hoffman said, “I asked him, ‘Do you know your name?’ He said no. ‘Can you count 1,2,3?’ No. ‘Are you hurt anywhere? Can you tell us?’ He just really could not talk or respond.” Chief David Hess said, “We’re very blessed that people in the community were there, they were proactive and that God placed them at the right place at the right time. I just really hope the gentleman’s OK. I’d like to find out how he’s doing. We all have said prayers for him.”

For Further Information: “Bystanders rescue Johnston officer from burning patrol car.” WRAL (Raleigh, North Carolina). 2 September 2013 <http://www.wral.com/bystanders-rescue-johnston-officer-from-burning-patrol-car/12844421/>.

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