“Women, What has been Your Experience with Random Acts of Kindness from Male Strangers?”

In September 2013, Redditor sehrah asked the women of Reddit, “Random acts of kindness from male strangers. What has been your experience with this?” As usual, Redditors came up with some great answers:

1) ednorazowa wrote, “I was on a subway, and a drunk guy was harassing me. Before I could even figure out what to do, another, unaffiliated drunk guy walks up to him and says ‘Hey, man, this is your stop.’ Harasser drunk guy says ‘Oh, thanks, man!’ and gets off at the next stop.”

2) Little_Lion wrote, “It happens from time to time — usually because I’ve been kind, too. Like about 6 months ago I went to Freebird’s (sort of like Chipotle) and the guy making my burrito asked how my day was going. I answered, then asked him the same (note: I’m a stereotypically ‘friendly’ Texan — I’m always genuinely kind to strangers — so this was all with a big ol’ smile.) He looked so happy and told me I’m the first person who’d asked him that all day. We kept chatting as he made my meal, and then I went to get a drink. When I came back to the register to pay, the check-out guy said it had been taken care of, and that the worker I’d been talking to had covered the bill. He didn’t hit on me or ask me for my number or even my name. It made my whole week, basically. We waved at each other as I walked out the door and that was that.”

3) Lisa1002 wrote, “When I worked at a flower stall in the market, a man came by one day, bought a bunch of roses then gave them to me to keep for myself. Never met him before and I haven’t seen him since. Lovely.”

4) LadyBanks wrote, “The day after I first got my driver’s license, I had a flat tyre and a stranger walked up to me, changed it for me and then walked away. He never said a word to me.”

For Further Information: sehrah, “Random acts of kindness from male strangers. What has been your experience with this?” Reddit. AskWomen. 8 September 2013


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