Go, Humans!


Source: editreddit, “To see something like this in NYC is a rare thing.” Imgur. Accessed 9 September 2013 http://i.imgur.com/w1JFfUU.jpg

On 9 September 2013, someone posted on Imgur a photo of a flyer in what appears to be a New York City park. The sign stated, “THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. To the kind person who found my wallet last week and turned it in. GO, HUMANS.” This was the caption on the photo: “To see something like this in NYC is a rare thing.” Actually, of course, many kind people live in New York City, as these stories by Redditors show: 1) Disig commented, “I was visiting NYC in the fall when a woman chased me 3 blocks to return my scarf that had fallen off. I didn’t even realize it was gone. There are some really great people there.” 2) ishouldgohome commented, “I was waiting in line for an event in NYC when I saw this girl jogging by. Moments later and I saw there was a guy running after her. He finally reached her, gave her something she had dropped, and proceeded to go back to wherever he was in the line (at least 300 ft. from where he reached her).” 3) Kindaclever commented, “I left my wallet in a cab I took when I used to work in Times Square and the woman who found it tracked me down through my building’s access card to return it to me.” 4) yellowstuff commented, “I lost a Palm Pilot in a cab, back when they made electronics that could store contacts but not make phone calls. The cabbie found it, figured out my name, found my family members in the contacts, called my sister, gave her his info, and then when I called him he met me to drop it off.” 5) brightemptyspace commented, “I lost my wallet on a subway platform, and someone turned it in with everything intact seconds later. I also always chase people who have dropped things, and last week went insanely out of my way to return someone’s phone which I found in a cab. It’s a damn friendly city!” So why do New Yorkers get a bad rap? Redditor plastersaint commented, “Every time I’ve visited NYC, I’m struck by how many kind acts I see. I think they get a bad rap just because tourists confuse rushed with rude.”

For Further Information: editreddit, “To see something like this in NYC is a rare thing.” Reddit. Accessed 9 September 2013


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