Hospital Hostels


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On 10 September 2011, Redditor ImpossiblyBossy posted a photo with the caption “While I was near death and hospitalized, my fiance slept like this, and never left my side.” Her fiancé was sleeping in the bed next to her, holding her hand. Here are some other stories from Redditors: 1) Torbear90 commented, “There’s a woman who’s been in the ICU of my hospital for 24 days straight at this point with her husband, brother and 4 kids pretty much camped out in the waiting room, alternating who gets to hold her hand for the next hour. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful that they are so dedicated and the staff is doing their best to give them as much comfort and access to her as reasonably allowable because her vitals show a significant amount of improvement when someone holds her hand. You can’t prescribe love and dedication, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a potent drug. Take care, friend; you are loved.” 2) W1ULH commented, “When my son was in NICU [Neonatal Intensive Care Unit] after his birth, both me and my wife needed sleep, we couldn’t do 50/50, so my brother in law agreed to be the third shift. The night security guard tried to make him leave. He picked up the guard and carried him over to the nurses station who said he could stay. He is not a small man. My lil’guy loves his Uncle a hell of a lot…” 3) Wall of text ahead. Anyway, back in December, I was unwrapping gifts I had received from my parents. We got a phone call during the little festivities and basically my grandfather was hospitalized. His organs were failing and [he] was very bad off. (He had come from the Philippines 3 years ago after poor med treatment.) We stopped everything so we could go visit my grandfather, who was in NJ. Turns out, every one of my lolas (aunts) were there. One came all the way from Malaysia and another from the Philippines. Keep in mind we had 8 aunts, and some brought their […] children with them. Over the course of 2-3 months, we visited my Tatay (grandfather) in the hospital. They held his hand everyday, massaging him, praying, and crying, while playing Filipino folk songs from his Philippine police days. We never gave up. All the while, the others stayed in a very small waiting room, always eating some Vietnamese food from the local joint. Fast forward one month from December. The nurses say my grandfather’s organs keep shutting down. There is no more. My grandfather was basically living on the machines hooked up to him. Fast forward another month. This is it. The final hurrah. My grandfather is just waiting to pass. And he does, with everyone around his bed, kids, aunts, his wife, crying. We’re all telling him, ‘It’s okay Tatay, you can leave. We love you.’ And on the wee hours of March 19, he passes. The monitor flatlines. Me, pressed up against his chest, I can feel his heartbeat taper off. It’s done. I just had to get this off my chest.”

For Further Information: ImpossiblyBossy, “While I was near death and hospitalized, my fiance slept like this, and never left my side.” Imgur. 10 September 2013

For Further Information: ImpossiblyBossy, “While I was near death and hospitalized, my fiance slept like this, and never left my side.” Reddit. 10 September 2013

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