“Please Enjoy a Nice Dinner — on Me”


Source: http://i.imgur.com/Fd5YOzM.jpg

In August 2013, Redditor soramorbid posted a photo of someone holding $40 (three $10 bills and two $5 bills) and a note that said, “I saw you get out of your car at the intersection to help that old man, who fell, cross the street. I really admired your act of kindness, not many have time anymore. Seeing you pull over shortly after, I figured I should give you this. Please enjoy a nice dinner — on me. You absolutely deserve it. God bless.” Did this really happen? Possibly. However, one month later, on 11 September 2013, Redditor Shmigme reposted the photo on Imgur with the caption, “This just happened to one of my best friend’s moms in Texas.”

Here are some Redditor comments on the soramorbid post:

1) pueblodude commented, “Very nice and considerate! I helped a blind man who fell into the curb/street once. People were honking and cussing me out for blocking the lane so he wouldn’t get hit. Enjoy your dinner!!”

2) Jlexow10 commented, “When I was in DC a few years back, a friend and I watched a little kid (with his parents watching as well) run into a blind girl and break her guide-stick (?). NOBODY stopped to help her, which blew my mind — not even the parents. And there were dozens of people that saw it or walked right by. My friend and I decided to help, and ended up walking the girl the hour and a half back to her apartment. She was on a training walk to learn how to walk from her home to her new place of work. The most amazing thing was that she was able to guide us all the way to her apartment just on her knowledge of the streets — she had only been in DC for about 5 days. People are amazing.” (David Bruce comments: A 90-minute walk to work is a long walk.)

3) Buzzword33 commented, “That’s really nice of you! I did something similar during the winter this year, I was driving to go meet my dad at his place, and driving past a bar. A drunk stumbles out, trips in front of my car. I wasn’t travelling too fast, so I stopped. After he got onto the sidewalk again, he falls on his back. I get out to help him up, just to make sure he didn’t have a stroke or something (he was drunk, [I] could smell the vodka on his breath.) He was really grateful, and also just a pleasant man, down on his luck. I offered to call a cab or a family member for him, but he refused, so after a few minutes just to make sure he was all right, I left. Really, it doesn’t take much, a handful of times this year, actually, I have helped a lot of older people up because they fell, really strange.”

By the way, Redditor Cocoberrylime was impressed by the $40 for a dinner and commented on the Shmigme post, “That’s 20 dinners for me.”

For Further Information: soramorbid, “Good deeds really do pay off.” Imgur. August 2013


For Further Information: soramorbid, “Good deeds really do pay off.” Reddit. August 2013 


For Further Information: Shmigme, “This just happened to one of my best friend’s moms in Texas.” Imgur.


For Further Information: Shmigme, “This just happened to one of my best friend’s moms in Texas.” Reddit. http://tinyurl.com/q9p8czm

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