Redditors, Which Well-Liked Celebrities are Not D*cks?

In September 2013, Muaddib76 asked, “Which well liked celebrities are really d[*]cks in real life?” Redditors responded both with negative stories and with positive stories about celebrities. Of course, everyone, including celebrities, can have a bad day and act less like a Good Guy Greg than they usually do. Here are some positive stories:

1) Michae1 responded with a story that makes a good point, “Quick story. Michael Crichton wrote about being in awe of Sean Connery, but one evening at dinner a fan approached Connery and asked for an autograph. He snapped ‘I’m eating.’ The fan walked away dejected and Crichton was kinda disappointed in Connery. But after dinner Connery walked back to the fan and said, ‘I’ve finished my meal if you’d like that autograph now.’ Bottom line: celebs have boundaries that we can’t always see, but they’re entitled to have them. Of course, some are just d[*]cks.” Memejunk added, “It is pretty crass to interrupt someone’s meal to ask them for something — particularly a stranger in a public place. Connery’s a man of principle, and he made good when it was appropriate. I hope the fan learned something from it.”

2) gardenhero commented, “[I was w]orking at a studio in Ireland [when] Tom Cruise came by to promote his latest movie and was the direct opposite of what I expected. I honestly expected a bat sh[*]t crazy Scientologist [*]sshole who thought he was above us all to enter the room. He came in, walked past the host of the show and shook hands with every single one of the crew in the room first. Asked us all how we were doing, and I actually think he genuinely cared about the answers. He asked us questions about Dublin, laughed with us and then when he was finished introduced himself by name to the host and pre recorded his interview. After the interview he did the whole thing again in reverse. Been in this business over ten years and he was the single most genuine person I have met.”

3) fatkake commented, “It will please Reddit to know that Nicolas Cage is a delightful chap. He recently moved to my city and I met him casually walking down the street. I had to say something (It’s Nick Cage for Christ sake) so I gave him a simple, ‘Hey welcome to (city where I live), I hope you like it here.’ The next thing I know he started telling me about all he had done since he had been in town, which later evolved into a discussion on baseball. Real nice guy.”

4) DrCutePuppies commented, “I worked for Harrison Ford’s son Ben in his restaurant that lasted a few years in town. I was 14 at the time and a busser. One night the restaurant is completely reserved by one party. Turns out Harrison was coming to eat at his son’s place. So, as I am pouring everyone their water, I get to the person sitting right next to Harrison and the water pitcher spills everywhere (the ice decided that it had had enough of the pitcher, and all of it poured out at once). No water spilled on anyone, but I start apologizing profusely anyway. Harrison is laughing his [*]ss off and tells me that it is ok, don’t worry about [it], no water got on anyone. He was very nice about the whole thing.”

For Further Information: Muaddib76, “Which well liked celebrities are really dicks in real life?” Reddit. 12 September 2013

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