What is the Safest Place for a 13-Year-Old Girl?


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As of September 2013, Tori Amos had sold 12 million copies of her 13 albums. Her father was a pastor in Maryland, and when she was 13 years old, he knew that she would benefit from getting experience as a live performer of music. One day, he told her to dress in such a way that she looked older than she was, and then he took her to some bars in Georgetown to look for a place that would allow her to perform. Tori remembers, “Mr. Henry’s, a gay bar, gave me my first opportunity. My dad got flak from some parishioners, but he told them, ‘I can’t think of a safer place for a 13-year-old girl than a gay bar.’”

For Further Information: Tim Teeman, “Tori Amos: ‘Anything is easier to talk about in music than in conversation.’” Guardian. 15 September 2013


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