“She Didn’t Hesitate About Yelling at This [Kidnapper With a Gun], Telling Him to Leave This Woman Alone, to Get Outta Here and Leave”

Jerry J

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On 12 September 2013, a convicted 64-year-old sex offender who was on parole for rape cut off his GPS ankle bracelet and then attempted to kidnap a 20-something woman whom he knew from church when they met outside a Starbucks on South Fremont Avenue in Alhambra, California. His intended victim screamed for help, and two female Good Samaritans intervened and stopped the kidnapping. Sergeant Jerry Johnson of the Alhambra Police Department said, “He approaches her before she can get out of her car. He produces a gun. He puts it into her side. He demands entry into the car … says he’s going to kill her.” A Good Samaritan heard the intended victim’s screams and then took action. Sergeant Johnson said, “She didn’t hesitate about yelling at this guy, telling him to leave this woman alone, to get outta here and leave.” He added, “This witness approached [the alleged kidnapper] and told him to leave the woman alone. The suspect then fled to his nearby car and drove away.” Another female Good Samaritan (another article says that it was the same female Good Samaritan) took cellphone photographs of the suspect and his car. With the help of the photos, police made an arrest within hours and charged the suspect with kidnapping, attempted assault with a deadly weapon, and criminal threats. Other charges may be added to these. The suspect has multiple convictions of sexual assault.

For Further Information: “Good Samaritans Help Nab Sex Offender Who Allegedly Tried To Kidnap Woman At Gunpoint.” CBSLA.com (Los Angeles, California). 13 September 2013


For Further Information: Brian Day, “Police: Good Samaritan helps save woman during attempted kidnapping by sex offender.” San Gabriel Valley Tribune. 13 September 2013


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