A Gift of Money Can Make You Happy

YouTube personalities Stuart Edge and Andrew Hale decided to make some servers in various restaurants in Orem, Utah, happy by leaving them $200 tips. They also recorded the servers’ reactions and made the recording a YouTube video that had over 3.6 million views by the morning of 18 September 2013 despite having been uploaded on 16 September 2013. Servers in Orem, Utah, make only around $2.13 an hour (plus tips). One co-worker of a female server told Stuart and Andrew that the female server had been hit by a car three weeks previously while she was riding her bike. The co-worker added, “Thanks for making her night.” A male server who received a $200 tip threw Stuart and Andrew a kiss. A female server who received a $200 tip did a happy dance and then gave them a hug. Jasvine Kular commented on YouTube, “Money can buy you happiness!”

For Further Information: Mia Fitzharris, “Good-Deed Pranksters Spread Joy With $200 Tips.” News.yahoo.com. Accessed 18 September 2013


Also: Tipping Servers $200.” YouTube. 16 September 2013


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