“It Gets Pretty Nasty, Especially This Time of Year. Wasn’t Making My Morning, That’s for Sure”


Source: http://www.myfoxtwincities.com/story/22083438/trash-hauler-rescues-jewelry-in-tossed-suitcase-for-minn-woman

In April 2013 in Nver Grove Heights, Minnesota, a woman mistakenly threw away a bright orange suitcase that contained a purse inside of which was jewelry that had sentimental value. Realizing her mistake, she contacted the trash company that had collected the orange suitcase. Todd O’Connor of Troje’s Trash found the orange suitcase and purse and jewelry and so the woman regained possession of her jewelry. Mr. O’Connor likes his job, which he has been doing for ten years: “It’s all automated, so you really don’t have to touch the trash. You got nobody watching over you. I like it a lot.” In the decade that he has been working at his job, he has never before had to recover someone’s possessions. He said, “It was kind of like, ‘Oh, no.’ I had a lot of stops already, so it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.” He drove to the place where the trash is unloaded and started searching — a process that is not automated. He added, “It gets pretty nasty, especially this time of year. Wasn’t making my morning, that’s for sure.” Fortunately, Mr. O’Connor quickly found the orange suitcase: “It was an easy thing to spot. She said it was bright orange, so I was able to eliminate all the white stuff and spot the orange suitcase.” Only between 10 and 15 minutes were required to complete the search: “I was really surprised I was able to find it that quickly because I still had half a truck full. Glad I was able to find it quicker than later.” Only a few hours later, and the suitcase and its contents would have been incinerated. Mr. O’Connor said, “Good thing she called when she did. It was a good deed. I would want someone to do that for me if it happened to me.”

For Further Information: Scott Wasserman, “Inver Grove Heights trash hauler rescues jewelry from tossed suitcase.” KMSP KMSP-TV (Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota). 25 April 2013


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