“They Laugh. They Don’t Care. No One is Like, ‘Oh, My God! I’m So Shocked.’ They’re Just Interested in Getting Stuff from Us”

Brooklynite Nicole Abramovici, age 31 in 2011, wears a catsuit and goes by the name the “Prowler.” She dons the costume while doing the good deed of providing clothing, toiletries, and other items to the homeless of New York City. Ms. Abramovici said, “I dress up because I’m part of this group called Superheroes Anonymous. The costume draws awareness to the cause, and it’s exciting and people dig it.” She says that one benefit of the costume is that people know that she is not a threat to them: “When they see me in the costume, they know I’m not going to rob them. They know I’m doing something more lighthearted.” Ms. Abramovici has a superhero mentor: a 27-year-old woman who uses “Life” as her superhero name. Life said, “Prowler has always been very street savvy, so my job was to show her the ropes as a superhero. She has been very helpful because she speaks Spanish and I don’t.” Ms. Abramovici said that she has always gotten a good reception from the homeless: “They laugh. They don’t care. No one is like, ‘Oh, my God! I’m so shocked.’ They’re just interested in getting stuff from us.”

Source: Todd Venezia, “‘Prowler’ is a do-gooder.” New York Post. 31 December 2011


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