Good Samaritan Turns in Lost Lottery Ticket Worth $6.3 Million


Source of Photograph of Manuel Reija:

In September 2013, Manuel Reija, who owns a lottery shop in the city of La Coruna, Spain, found a lottery ticket when he cleaned out the box in which he kept lost property. He did research and discovered that the lottery ticket was a winner — a 4.7 million Euros ($6.27 million USAmerican dollars) winner. Mr. Reija said, “I checked the ticket. Then I checked it again, just in case there was a computer error or something like that, but the machine continued confirming it. I had to sit down. I almost broke the chair.” He turned in the ticket to local authorities, who are searching for the owner of the lost lottery ticket. When asked if he had wanted to keep the ticket, Mr. Reija said, “Never, ever. I could not sleep.” He added, “There have been people here saying they were the ones who left the ticket here. But they are only kidding. Nobody has been serious about it in any case. In the event that someone seriously shows up claiming ownership of the ticket, I would have to refer them to the city hall. They are the ones in charge of this issue.” Mr. Reija may end up with the money: If no one can show ownership of the lost lottery ticket after two years, the money will be his.

For Further Information: “Spain hunts for mystery lottery winner.” 18 September 2013

For Further Information: “Spanish City Searches For Winner Of $6.3 Million Lottery.” Huffington Post. 18 September 2013

For Further Information: “Spain hunts for mystery lottery winner.” YouTube. 18 September 2013

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