“I Know that All Five of Them are Joined in Heaven Hand-in-Hand and are Skipping and Laughing and Being Smiley”

On 15 September 2013 the boyfriend and five children of Anna Angel died in a fire in their trailer in Tiffin, Ohio, while Ms. Angel was working at her job in Burger King. On 19 September 2013, a funeral was held in Tiffin, Ohio, for Ms. Angel’s four daughters. Later that day, a funeral was held for her son — Domonic Fresch, age one — and his father, her boyfriend, in Sandusky, Ohio. Pastor Mark Boedeker of First Lutheran Church officiated at the first funeral, which was held for Tiara Angel, age six; Stormie Huey, age five; Trinitie Huey, age four; and Sunshine Huey, age three. Pastor Boedeker said, “Even though each of their candles have been extinguished, their light still shines, their flame still burns. I know that all five of them are joined in heaven hand-in-hand and are skipping and laughing and being smiley.” A tragedy can be an opportunity to be a Good Samaritan. Within two days of the fire, a fund to help pay for the funerals had raised approximately $16,000. In addition, rappers The Game and Drake pledged to donate $10,000 each. The Game Instagramed, “I can deal with a lot of things but people losing their children is something that kills me every time.” Drake posted, “What [The Game]is doing will never be forgotten. Honored to be able to help people alongside my brother.” In addition to the $20,000 donated by The Game and Drake, the producers of Marrying the Game, The Game’s TV show, donated an additional $2,500. After the fire, Owanna Ortiz, Ms. Angel’s cousin, said, “They were always happy and full of sunshine. The older ones looked out for the younger ones.”

For Further Information: “DRAKE & THE GAME: WE’LL HELP PAY FOR FUNERALS: After 5 Kids Die In Tragic Ohio Housefire.” TMX. 17 September 2013


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For Further Information: John Seewer, “Trailer fire in Ohio kills 6 while mom is at work.” Associated Press. 16 September 2013


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