Teach Your Children Well

A mother and her four-year-old daughter were eating at a place in Erie, Pennsylvania. The daughter asked her mother for permission to go to the restroom, which the mother granted. The daughter was bouncy and began to bounce her way down the aisle, but the mother stopped her and said, “Honey, look right there. Who’s that?” The daughter replied, “Waitress.” The mother asked, “And what’s she carrying?” The daughter replied, “Tray.” And here came an important lesson. The mother asked, “And do you think she could see you with that great big tray in the way?” The daughter’s eyes grew wide with understanding, and she shook her head no. The mother then said, “You need to watch out and not get in the way of the people who work here, sweetheart. You could get hurt, and they could get in trouble for hurting you, even if it was an accident. Understand?” The daughter nodded her head yes, carefully looked around to make sure that the way is clear, and then walked to the bathroom. The waitress was shocked, and told a customer, “That never happens. Never.” The customer replied, “I bet you that mom waited tables at some point.” The waitress asked the mother, and yes, the mother had waited tables for three years while she was in college, and she had almost gotten sued when a couple of kids playing tag in the restaurant had knocked against her, causing her to spill hot coffee on some customers.

For More Information: “Wait For The Waiter.” Not Always Right. Accessed 20 September 2013.


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