A Free Smoothie

In September 2013, the website Consumerist printed a story about a McDonald’s (no location given) manager who gave a free smoothie to a man named Matthew (no last name given). Matthew wrote about the good deed and sent in the story to the Consumerist. He had just finished a workout and felt like drinking a berry smoothie, so he headed to a nearby McDonald’s, planning to use his debit card to pay for the smoothie. Unfortunately, the McDonald’s card machine was down, so he explained that he was not carrying cash and asked for a cup of water instead. Fortunately for Matthew, the manager made him a free smoothie. Matthew wrote the Consumerist, “I completely wasn’t expecting that, and it totally made my day. This particular McDonald’s is going to be getting a lot more business of mine after workouts because of this. Great customer service.”

For Further Information: Laura Northrup, “McDonald’s Gives Me Free Post-Workout Smoothie When Card Machines Are Down.” Consumerist. 20 September 2013


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