Extra Extra Extra Mayo

Being polite — or extra, extra, extra polite — can be enough to make someone an awesome customer. At a fast-food restaurant in Palmerston North, a city on the North Island of New Zealand, a customer at the drive-thru ordered a popular burger combo “with extra extra extra mayo, please.” The employee replied, “Sure, that was [burger combo] with extra mayo?” The customer replied, “Can you add more than that?” The employee laughed and said, 

“Sure, I’ll add extra extra extra mayo. That’s [total]; drive on up.” The customer received her order — on the burger wrap was written “‘+mayo +mayo +mayo.” The customer said, “Thank you!” Then she opened up the bag, read the words on the burger wrap, laughed, and said, “Or, should I say, thank you, thank you, thank you?”

Source: “Being Extra Extra Extra Polite.” Not Always Right. Accessed 24 September 2013


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