Guide Dog Jet “Showed No Concern for Her Own Safety and Went to Protect Her Handler’s Child Before Helping Her Handler”


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In September 2013 in Leigh in Lancashire, England, a guide dog named Jet saved the life of a one-year-old boy named Jacob Cowley by freeing itself from the grip of its owner and then pushing the pram (baby buggy) the baby was in out of the way of a car that is thought to have been hit by another vehicle and forced off the road. The pram fell on its side, but Jacob suffered only a cut lip. Jet was with Jessica Cowley, who is registered blind and has tunnel vision. Mrs. Cowley, age 28, was knocked to the ground by the car but recovered. She said, “Just after we stepped off the kerb (curb) to cross the entrance of the car park, I heard a screeching of a car and it banged into me sending me flying. Just before it hit me, I felt Jet let go. She is a strong dog, and she pulled out of my hand and actually pushed the pram out of the way. The pram toppled over but Jacob was out of [danger], and even while I was lying face down on the ground, I was happy to know he was safe. She [Jet] reacted really quickly, and she’s just amazing.” The car knocked Mrs. Cowley to the ground. She said, “Jet is trained to help me, but she’s not trained to do that sort of thing [push a pram out of the way of a car]. It doesn’t bear thinking about what might have happened if she hadn’t have done what she did. She was worried about me, but once she had licked my face and checked I was conscious she was fine. She loves Jacob and thinks of him as her own. What she did was extremely brave, and I am very proud of her.” The accident occurred outside My Pets Vets, which is frequented by Jet. Veterinarian Caroline Purnell, who witnessed the incident, said, “We feel that she [Jet] really demonstrated exactly how important these dogs are. She showed no concern for her own safety and went to protect her handler’s child before helping her handler.” Mrs. Cowley said, “I heard a screech of a car and then I was hit by it. I was thrown onto a grass verge. My glasses flew off so I couldn’t see, and there was nothing I could do but hope that Jacob was safe. I had felt Jess pull away from me — I had to let go of her harness as she was so strong. The vets came rushing out to help me. I am very grateful to them for their help.” The Cowleys have been giving Jet extra treats and cuddles. 

For Further Information: Gayle McBain, “Guide dog saves baby’s life.” The Bolton News (UK). 20 September 2013

For Further Information: Claire Carter, “Guide dog saved baby by pushing pram away from car.” The Telegraph (UK). 20 September 2013 

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