Janice Carnes: Good Samaritan Waitress


Source of Photograph  of Ms. Carnes and Mr. Whitehead:


In September 2013 in Lynchburg, Virginia, Andre Whitehead took money out of a bank in preparation for a trip to Virginia Beach and then ate breakfast at the Hilton Garden Hotel restaurant. He left a tip and paid his bill and returned to his car. Then a waitress ran after him. Mr. Whitehead said, “I got to the car, and she comes running out waving, and she said you tipped me, but you left a wad of money under the napkin and I wanted to give it to you.” He had left over $100 at the table in addition to a $20 tip. He was impressed by the good deed of the waitress: Janice Carnes. He said, “She could’ve kept it, but she brought it out to me.” Ms. Carnes said, “When I noticed it [while I was] cleaning [the table], I said, ‘Oh, that’s the money he pulled out of his wallet.’ I said, ‘Oh, sir, you left this on the table.’ I said, ‘I know it’s not my tip. [My tip]  was separate. This is yours, you took out of your wallet.’” Mr. Whitehead said, “And she could’ve easily kept the money, and I would’ve just said, ‘Hey, I lost some cash,’ but I just thought that was a great thing for her to do.” Ms. Carnes is a mother of two, and she said that she could have used the money, but she added, “I just don’t believe in taking something that’s not yours. I believe in karma, so it’s what goes around comes around.” As a reward, Mr. Whitehead gave Ms. Carnes $30 in gift cards. He said that he will continue to frequent the Hilton Garden Hotel restaurant: “When I come through the door, I will be asking for her. There are good people in the world, and it’s cool to do good by people.”

For Further Information: James Gherardi, “Good Samaritan Waitress Returns $100 to Unknowing Customer.” WSET (Lynchburg, Virginia). 24 September 2013


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