Good Guy Sebastian Nunez


Source of Photograph of Sebastian Nunez:

On 28 February 2007 in Oildale, California, North High School sophomore Sebastian Nunez found $8,900 lying in the middle of a street. He said, “I’m just standing there, thinking, What do I do? Do I go back home or take it with me?” He was late for school, so he took the money to school with him. He said, “I thought about calling my parents, but I wondered how realistic [finding that money] would have sounded over the phone.” In secret, he looked at the bundle containing the money and found a deposit slip with this name on it: Clifford Mallory. Mr. Mallory lived on the same street as Sebastian’s grandmother, Kathy Cemo. That evening, he told his parents that he had something to tell him. Then he showed them the money and told them where he had found it. His mother, Brandy Cemo, said, “My husband and I sat there looking at it, dumbfounded.” Sebastian’s father, Joe Cemo, returned the money to Mr. Mallory, who gave Sebastian a $300 reward. Mr. Mallory had placed the $8,900 and his checkbook on top of his car and driven away. Fortunately, he found his checkbook and Sebastian found his money. Brandy Cemo, a believer in karma, said, “Anytime you do something bad, it comes back to you. And good things don’t go unnoticed.”

For Further Information: Jenny Shearer, “Local teen’s good deed on the money,” Bakersfield Californian. 3 March 2007

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