“I Have Never Seen a More Appreciative Person”

Retired Bakersfield (California) College professor Chuck Wall has written a number of books on kindness, including Kindness: Changing Our World. These books include accounts of good deeds, including one by Jennifer Rogers-Etcheverry, who gets gas at a gasoline station frequented by panhandlers. She doesn’t like to give them money, so she offers to fill up their vehicle with gas instead. Most panhandlers don’t accept the offer. However, a woman once approached her for help and accepted the offer. She drove her car to the gas pump, and she said that she was an out-of-work accountant and wanted only enough gas to get home. Ms. Rogers-Etcheverry said, “This is on me,” and filled up the woman’s gas tank. Ms. Rogers-Etcheverry said, “I have never seen a more appreciative person. She began to cry and hugged me. […] I think of her often and wonder if she ever found a job. I hope so; she was a good and deserving person.”

For Further Information: Dianne Hardisty, “A small kindness makes a big impact: Book shares good deeds.” Bakersfield Californian. 23 January 2011


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