“Sorry I was Such a Prick, Mr. McGuckin”

In September 2013, Redditor tradeidda asked, “Who is the best teacher you ever had and what made them so great?” Fellow Redditor tooawesomeforacid responded that he had done badly in high school despite having all Advanced Placement courses. It seemed unlikely that he would graduate, so his principal called in his parents and teachers for a conference. The agreement that most people reached was that he could read for as many minutes as he participated in class. E.g., if he participated in class for 30 minutes and caused no disruptions, he could read for 30 minutes. The principal then had him shake hands with his teachers and promise not to be disruptive in class. However, his Advanced Placement United States History teacher, Mr. McGuckin, would not shake hands with him. Instead, Mr. McGuckin said, “The notion that I should excuse him from giving anything but his full effort is ludicrous. Apply yourself fully or leave my class.” Then Mr. McGuckin walked out. Redditor tooawesomeforacid wrote, “At the time I thought he was a prick. I’d worked out a way to do what I wanted without making waves and of course he had to be the one to f[*]ck it up for everyone. After a few years I realized what a complete badass he was/is. He loved his job and held his position in our lives in high esteem. He would not half-[*]ss his job in instructing me and he would not accept such half-[*]ss bullsh[*]t from me, either. I’d really never seen anyone with that sort of pride in their work that would rather I simply fail than make a mockery of his class. He was one of the first people that I genuinely, completely respected. Sorry I was such a prick, Mr. McGuckin.”

For Further Information: tradeidda, “Who is the best teacher you ever had and what made them so great?” Reddit. 25 September 2013


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