Scott Cosper: “My Main Goal was to Get This Young Lady Out. I was Not Going to Sit There and Watch Her Burn Up”


Source of Photograph of Janet Uriostegui:

During the morning of 24 September 2013 in Timber Ridge Drive in Douglasville, Georgia, Janet Uriostegui’s car flipped over and started burning. Ms. Uriostegui, age 23, was trapped inside.  She said, “There was a point where I didn’t think I was going to get out of the car.” Scott Cosper, an investigator for the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office, ran to help her. He said, “I see the fear on her face. She’s screaming for us to help her. My main goal was to get this young lady out. I was not going to sit there and watch her burn up.” Ms. Uriostegui said, “I remember kicking the glass, and it wouldn’t break. I thought at one point, ‘This is where everyone else is going to find me.’” Mr. Cosper tried to use a street sign to break the windshield, but it didn’t break. Fortunately, someone handed him a crowbar, and he used it to break the window. Ms. Uriostegui said, “I remember him reaching his hands, and I grabbed his arms, and that’s when he had pulled me out.” Mr. Cosper normally doesn’t take that road to work. He said, “I was in the right place at the right time, and only God knows why he put me there. It’s a good thing, it really is.” Ms. Uriostegui said about Mr. Cosper, “He’s my hero and I thank him and his family and blessings for him.” Mr. Cosper said, “It’s a good thing everybody is OK and everybody slept in their beds last night.” 

For Further Information: Diana Davis, “Good Samaritan pulls woman from burning car.” WSBTV (Atlanta, Georgia). 25 September 2013

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