Christmas Good Deeds

In September 2013, Redditor epiclabtime asked, “Teachers of Reddit: What’s the most memorable thing a student has ever said to you?” Here are some answers: 1) Ish[*]tyounotman wrote, “My mom used to teach elementary school, and at one time she taught second grade. The children she taught were extremely poor, many never even received Christmas gifts. One year, a ‘sister school’ (a much wealthier school nearby) had a Toy Drive for the children at my mother’s school. One little boy in her class, Alex, received a gift. (I believe it was a Tonka truck and package of HotWheels.) He opened them, smiled, then proceeded to wrap them back up. My mother asked, ‘What are you doing? You can play with them, you know!’ He said: ‘I know, but I’m giving them to my little brother on Christmas morning so he can have a present!’ A little boy who had nothing gave away the one present he received to make his little brother happy.” 2) adj1 wrote, “My Dad died recently and one of his former students came to his memorial and told me a story I had never heard. Her parents had both died together in a car crash right before the holidays and she was orphaned. My father had invited her to our Christmas dinner, but she said no for whatever reason so he bought her a small Christmas tree which she treasured. I was trying to be strong throughout the celebration of his life, but this was the one time a tear came to my eye.” 3) purpleOK wrote, “When I was in 5th grade, my dad was having a hard time finding a job and we highly doubted we were getting anything for Christmas that year. My teacher found out, and a few days before Christmas there was a black bag on my porch. Inside there was a gift for everyone in my family. Needless to say, my teacher was amazing.”

For Further Information: epiclabtime, “Teachers of Reddit: What’s the most memorable thing a student has ever said to you?” Reddit. 28 September 2013

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