“I Think I Looked at the Ring and Started Crying Myself”



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On 24 September 2013, her 19th anniversary, Robin Sommer ran errands in Norcross, Georgia and lost her wedding ring. She said, “For 20 years, since we got engaged, I’ve had that ring on my finger. My finger just ached. It’s ridiculous how my finger ached while I was trying to search for it.” She had visited a Panera Bread restaurant on Holcomb Bridge Road, so she called the manager, Agatha Kalay, to ask her to look for the ring. Ms. Kalay and her staff searched for the ring in the restaurant, but did not find it, so she searched the restaurant’s parking lot. Ms. Kalay said, “As I did that, the ring was lying there and with emotions I think I looked at the ring and started crying myself.” Ms. Kalay called Ms. Sommer with the good news. Ms. Sommer said, “She goes, ‘I found it. I found it.’  I came running in and it was just big hugs and all the girls were crying.” Ms. Kalay declined a reward for finding the ring. She said, “I did tell her, ‘This is Panera. This is what we do, we build relationships so our guests can come back.’ That’s what I said to her, ‘Just having a smile on your face is enough for us.’”

For Further Information: Deidra Dukes, “Store manager finds, returns woman’s wedding ring.” FOX5 (Atlanta, Georgia). 25 September 2013; updated 26 September 2013 


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