Check Out the Photography of periwinklepaints, aka Lydia Joy Palmer of Canada


Source: periwinklepaints, “A Kiss from a Fairy Princess.” Deviantart. 30 September 2013

periwinklepaints wrote, “This knight’s daughter came up after all the jousts and ‘healed’ everyone with her wand, and then kissed her daddy better ^_^”

iamkathybrown commented, “Aw! I wonder how the hardened warrior felt about that…”

Check Out the Photography of periwinklepaints, aka Lydia Joy Palmer of Canada



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I am a third year student of the Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design program at St Clair College. The Graphic Design course has allowed me to continue doing my art, but for a more practical purpose. On this site I have included many of my favourite pieces, but many more can be found on my other websites, which can be found here:… (facebook page) (main blog) (old main blog) (art tumblr) (Portfolio) (personal tumblr, beware of fangirling)

Thank you so much for looking! Please contact me at with any questions or requests you may have!

Lydia Joy Palmer

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