“World Domination Can Wait. Feel Better!”



Source of Photographs: http://imgur.com/a/Xdjdj

In early 2013, the young son of Redditor fiscal_ underwent a nine-hour liver-transplant operation. The son was upset about not being able to play the new release of the video game Halo, so fiscal_ reached out to Bungie, the makers of the game. Bungie responded like champions. The Bungie team sent the young boy a card with the message “World domination can wait. Feel better!” It included autographs and original doodles. The Bungie team also sent the boy shirts, toys, and art. Very impressively, the Bungie team sent the boy a replica of Carter’s helmet from Halo Reach! fiscal_ posted photos on Imgur and started a thank-you thread on Reddit, in which he wrote, “My family can’t thank Bungie enough. I know that they have had a huge impact on how well my son has been recovering after his surgery.” He later commented, “Those that are concerned about kids playing an M rated game. He doesn’t play like you or I would sit and play. He doesn’t just hop on multiplayer with a headset and microphone or just start playing the campaign. I’ll sit down and play a part of the campaign with him, or mom will join us for our own multiplayer game. He likes the idea of Halo more than playing Halo. His interest has transcended the games, he would rather battle it out with his Halo action figures, anyway. The Spartan storyline just gets his imagination going, it’s wonderful.”

For Further Information: Gregory Ciotti, “10 Customer Service Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity.” Buffer. Blog. 17 September 2013


For Further Information: fiscal_, “Thank you Bungie!!! My son’s transplant surgery, and Bungie’s amazing gift [update].” Reddit. February 2013.


For Further Information: fiscal_, Photo Album. Imgur. February 2013.


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