Captain Manchester: “Help Someone Out Today. You’ll be Surprised How Good It Makes You Feel”




In September 2013, a costumed superhero named Captain Manchester roamed the streets of Oldham, Greater Manchester, England, doing good deeds such as picking up litter and helping the elderly carry their groceries. He also helps people carry furniture into their homes. The otherwise anonymous male started his new, possibly temporary career after losing his job a few months previously. Captain Manchester said, “I got made redundant [laid off] a little while ago, and it started as something to do to fill the time while I look for a new job. I’ve always been a fan of comics, and I thought it would be a nice idea to help a few people out while I have time on my hands. I told my two best friends what I was doing and they were very supportive, but my girlfriend has no idea — she’d kill me.” This superhero’s purpose is to do good deeds and spread good feelings. He said, “I’ve got a bit of free time at the minute, so I have no problem helping out in the community or picking up a bit of litter and keeping the streets a bit cleaner. Sometimes I wear the outfit and sometimes I don’t. The costume is just a bit of fun and it’s made out of what I had available in my house. I’m not the greatest at costume design. People’s reactions vary. Some laugh, some look confused; but I’ve received a lot of tweets telling me they’ve done good deeds because of me. It’s nice to see people being nice to each other. I’m not sure how long Captain Manchester will carry on, but I will always enjoy helping people out. My message to anyone inspired by Captain Manchester is — help someone out today. You’ll be surprised how good it makes you feel.”

Update: Captain Manchester turns out to be a guerrilla marketing campaign in aid of Manchester-based charity Forever Manchester, which states, “If Captain Manchester has made you stop and think about doing something positive then he’s done his job.” Smudge Jones, Chief Executive of Forever Manchester, said, “It’s actually one of my friends that’s been wearing the outfit but I’m not going to blow his cover as he’s enjoyed being Captain Manchester so much that he really wants to keep it going.”

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