“They Didn’t Know If I was Going to Wake Up. Coming Back from Being Dead, This is My Second Chance”




In early September 2013, Kai Lapschies was surfing near Kalama beach in Waikiki, Hawaii, after graduating from Punahou High School. A wave came in, he caught it, and that is the last thing that he remembers. He had not yet taken his daily medication, and he suffered a seizure in the water. Fortunately, a surfer named Kelly Patrick was nearby. She said, “All I see is his hair underwater.” She screamed for help and paddled over to him on her surfboard. She said, “When I got right in front of him, I jumped off my board, grabbed him from under his arms, pulled him out of the water, kept his head up and as soon as his head came out of the water, his face was white and foam was coming out of his mouth.” She performed CPR on him until lifeguards arrived. Mr. Lapschies’ best friend, Noah Takaesu, also performed CPR on him, and Ms. Patrick’s friend Olya helped pull him out of the water. Mr. Lapschies spent three weeks in a hospital — for 11 of those days he was in a coma. When the two met after he got out of the hospital, Mr. Lapschies gave Ms. Patrick a tuberose lei.  Mr. Lapschies said, “They didn’t know if I was going to wake up. Coming back from being dead, this is my second chance.” 

For Further information: Brenton Awa, “Surfer meets woman who saved his life.” KITV (Honolulu, Hawaii). 1 October 2013


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