“What’s the Best Thing You’ve Seen Someone Do When They Thought No One was Watching?”

In October 2103, iamwastedbutimready asked on Reddit, “What’s the best thing you’ve seen someone do when they thought no one was watching?” As always, Redditors had good answers (which I have lightly edited for things such as capitalization):

1) Kingbane responded, “This is something I’ll never forget. I was at the supermarket in the checkout line waiting my turn. The woman in front of me was counting money in her purse and she looked kind of distraught. Given that her grocery cart wasn’t all that full, it looked like she was worried she wouldn’t have enough to pay for the groceries. I think the guy in front of her noticed it too. She was too busy counting money in her purse to notice, but I saw the guy in front talking to the cashier and handing her what looked like one or two 20’s then walked off. He only bought like 5 or 6 things so he left pretty quick. The lady went up to the checkout and was telling the cashier to take back a few things when the cashier told her that the guy earlier had left money to help pay for her groceries. She broke down crying and tried to look for him, but he was long gone. That guy was my personal hero that day.”

2) godfetish responded, “Done this twice. A young mom in Elkhart, Indiana, was in front of me and she was picking through items in the bags to return so she would have enough cash for the rest. She had a cute little girl in pigtails in the cart begging to not put back granola bars or something I considered healthy, and I just swiped my debit card for her bill and punched in my pin and confirmed the price before the cashier even noticed. The cashier was shocked that the receipt spit out, and without thinking handed me the receipt … not how I wanted this to go down, but I told the girl I paid and gave her the receipt. The toddler grabbed the receipt and told me she loves cookies! Cute, and my boy calls them cookies too now. Another time at CVS, I paid with cash for an elderly lady, who was apparently unable to manipulate her fingers well enough to count out her change, for a prescription. I stood there forever as she went through dimes and nickels to try to pay for her meds. I told her to let me help, and she moved over and in an old scratchy lady voice she said thank you. I took the change she had counted out and put it back in her bag and asked the cashier how much it was. [The cashier] cried.”

3) When_Ducks_Attack responded, “I work at a relatively small college, and was running a bit early for a bi-weekly meeting in the President’s Hall. It’s a beautiful place, well appointed, comfortable chairs around an old, hand-carved table … and one entire wall of this space is floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the Quad from three stories up. It was December, a week or two from Finals, there was a couple of inches of snow on the ground, but it wasn’t really cold yet, just … not warm. Anyway, I stood there looking out the windows at the nearly empty Quad … everybody was either in class or indoors, where it was warm. Everybody but for the two students I saw walking past the building. She was bundled up like she was getting ready to go to the North Pole. He, on the other hand, had on a light jacket and was obviously cold. They weren’t touching, but were walking pretty close together … clearly they knew each other fairly well. When they came to the intersection of two walkways, they stopped and chatted for a few moments, then she removed her scarf, slipped it around his neck, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, then briskly walked off. He stood there, apparently quite surprised, watching her walk away until she was out of sight … then did a triumphant fist pump and victory dance. He practically skipped to the library, he was so happy. A few days later, I bumped into him at the maildesk … and complimented him on his scarf. BIG smile from him. Just made my whole week, right there.”

4) ceilingkat responded, “I once saw a guy completely flail around trying to talk to a chick. He just approached a little but wussed out and didn’t even try to talk to her. And you could see from her body language she was open to talking. So this guy down the bar whispers something to the bartender and the bartender hands her a drink and points to the guy that wussed out. She got up and went to go talk to him. I don’t think he realized I saw, but I really appreciated seeing that.”

Source: iamwastedbutimready, “What’s the best thing you’ve seen someone do when they thought no one was watching?” Reddit. 4 October 2013


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