He Says ‘Thanks,’ Hands Me $50, and Walks Away


Source: http://www.funnyjunk.com/channel/feels/so+heart+warming/nRmpGaE/

Making the rounds of the Internet in 2013 (and probably before and after) is a screenshot of a Facebook page. The name and image of the Facebook poster are blurred to protect privacy, but the post contains a photograph of a $50 bill and these words: “Popped into HM to buy a sweater for work… this guy follows me in, says ‘You probably don’t remember me. I see you walk down this street a fee [few] times a week and you give a dollar to at least one homeless person, you [have] given me at least $30 over the last 6 months. I finally found a job and a place to live. Thanks.’ Then hands me $50 and walks away. — at H&M Pike Street.” An H&M clothing store is located at 520 Pike St #100 in Seattle, Washington.

Source: “so heart warming.” Funny Junk. Accessed 6 October 2013.


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