REI: Excellent Customer Service

Larry, the father of Melissa Kincha-Ownby, rides his mountain bike on scary-hard trails. In July 2013, Ms. Kincha-Ownby wrote about some excellent customer service he received from REI, a retail corporation that deals in outdoor recreation gear. Larry had endoed (gone end over end, aka flew over the handlebars in an epic wipeout) on his mountain bike and shattered his Cat-eye odometer. He called REI to order a replacement, expecting of course that he would have to pay for the replacement. This is what Larry wrote his daughter: “I did a complete endo and shattered my Cat eye. I called REI […] looking for a place to send it in for replacement. I told them I endo’ed and totally wiped it out. The customer service [representative] told me that they don’t usually hear the true story and to come on by and they would replace it free of charge. This is a $50 item that was destroyed by my inability to keep my mountain bike in the upright position. They do have a satisfaction guaranteed or bring it back policy but this went way beyond that.”

For Further Information: Melissa Kincha-Ownby, “3 great customer service stories.” Mother Nature Network. 3 July 2013

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