“And Suddenly the American Obesity Problem Makes Perfect Sense”


Source: http://imgur.com/a/RoBj9

Redditor kaamosrutto of Finland received a care package from America after his fellow Redditor and friend Z3r0Th3H3r0 from the United States heard that kaamosrutto hadn’t ever had Twinkies. The care package contained homemade chocolate chip cookies and brownies — Z3r0Th3H3r0 had heard that Finland doesn’t have brownies — as well as a huge assortment of USAmerican candy, snack bars, and other junk food. kaamosrutto wrote, “Thank you so much, Z3r0Th3H3r0!” Redditor slashVictor commented, “That is Grade A American snack food. We don’t lead the world in diabetes and heart disease by accident.” kaamosrutto replied, “Oh let me tell you. For the first time in my life, I have today tasted Doritos Cool Ranch chips. And suddenly the American obesity problem makes perfect sense.” kaamosrutto added, “I just can’t get over how delicious this stuff is.” Redditor Zach_Effin_Wiley commented, “I’m imagining you saying this with a full mouth, cramming more food into your face and having little flecks of chips and candy coming out while you say something that sounds more like, ‘M jmst cmn’t gmt mvmr hmm dmlmcms dms stms ms.’” And kaamosrutto replied, “I refuse to let you know how accurate this mental image is.”

For Further Information: kaamosrutto, “I just got my care package from a fellow redditor on the mail!” Imgur. 8 October 2013


For Further Information: kaamosrutto, “I just got my care package from a fellow redditor on the mail!” Reddit. 8 October 2013


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