Four Good Deeds


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In January 2013, Bette O’Brien lost her purse, passport, and almost all of her vacation money in New York City; fortunately, she made it back to her home in Nauwigewauk, New Brunswick, Canada. She said about New York City, “It was an awesome city. You go around and look at all those buildings and all those people.” Unfortunately, as she was admiring the city, she lost her purse, which contained her passport and $550. She said, “Everything was in my purse, except my camera and six dollars.” Most worrisome was the loss of her passport. Getting a new one would take three days, and her bus was going back to Canada in two days. Good deed #1: The consulate got her a new passport quickly. Ms. O’Brien said, “The next day I had to go back to the consulate and she said, ‘You call us at 1:30 today and we’ll let you know whether you can go on that bus tomorrow or not.’ At 1:30 when I called her back she had the document ready for me.” Good deed #2: The bus passengers took up a collection of money — $700 — for her. She used the money for food and for the expense of replacing her travel documents. She did not go to stores, as she felt that the money did not really belong to her. Good deed #3: Once back home in Nauwigewauk, she found a message waiting for her. She said, “There was a message on the phone from Mastercard. I called them; a gentleman named Andrew had called and left his phone number. He had called them and told them he had my purse.” She got her purse — and all of its contents — back. Good deed #4: What about the money collected for her by the bus passengers? Ms. O’Brien paid the good deed forward by donating that money to the Romero House Soup Kitchen in Saint John. 

For Further Information: “Good Samaritans come to woman’s aid after her purse disappears on NYC trip.” Canadian TV Atlantic. 29 January 2013

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