“We’re Honest People. We Know How Hard It is to Work for Your Money”



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A male customer found $80 lying on the floor under a table at a restaurant (not named) in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, and turned the money in. Restaurant co-owner Monique Chiasson put the money in an envelope in her office and hoped that someone would telephone or come in to ask about the money. No one came in, so a few days later, she went to the Internet: “I posted a little ad on there and in less than an hour, I found the person that lost the money.” The person who responded to the ad identified where the money was lost, as well as the amount of money and the denominations of the bills. Ms. Chiasson said, “It may be a small amount of money for some people, but it could have been someone that needed the money for food or for rent.” Customer Carole Perron said, “I think it’s very, very nice, honest. If it was me that lost it, I’d really appreciate if somebody else would bring it in.” Restaurant co-owner Gerard Chiasson said, “We’re honest people. We know how hard it is to work for your money.” The person whose money it was left a $20 reward for the man who found and turned it in — the Good Samaritan wishes to remain anonymous. The Chiassons will also give the Good Samaritan a free chicken dinner. On 8 October 2013, Ellen Monaghan commented on this article, “Which restaurant is it? I’d support a business that is that honest and tries so hard for its customers. And kudos to the customer that turned the money in, as well. I hope life blesses him […].”

For Further Information: “Good Samaritan turns in wad of cash found on restaurant floor.” Canadian TV Atlantic News. 8 October 2013


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Good Samaritan turns in wad of cash found on restaurant floor | CTV Atlantic News

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